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Art therapy is a tool that can help process emotions, give meaning and explore unchartered parts of your brain. It can bring to light your patterns, behaviours, and make subconscious information conscious.​ This can empower you to identify patterns, make meaningful change, and create a life that feels authentic to you.

Freud and Jung theorised that images access hidden parts of the subconscious, which are patterns, insights, or ways of being we may not be aware of. Images in art therapy are used as a reference point for transformation. Based on psychotherapeutic principles, research, and neurobiological frameworks, art therapy has the potential to change your life.​

“Imagine living in a castle, but only having a key to a few rooms. Art therapy will give you access to all these rooms, empowering you to live a more connected and balanced life.”

What is Art Therapy

What to expect at an art therapy session

You do not need to be an artist, however you do need to put in the time and effort!  In our sessions we explore art therapy  with art materials of your choice. By engaging in art activities we can discover your unique strengths through artistic creations and narrative. There is no obligation to share anything.


Clients do have the option of unpacking their process and working on how to integrate these patterns and enjoy better understanding of themselves. Some clients choose to use their time to explore being present and promoting mental wellness through art as a form of selfcare.

The sessions are private, with partners & family groups. If you would like to enquire about an art therapy session please feel free to message me.

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