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Nicci's work leans toward the mythical realm. She draws on her imagination and love of all sentient beings. Her narrative style manifests itself in the fired clay body which is emblazoned with texture, colour and social comment. Provocative, humerous & contemporary ceramic design is her passion.

She has taken this energy & explored the possibilities of art therapy and mindfulness in which clay is the vehicle for self discovery and improved mental health. She has completed her diploma in Art Therapy (CECAT). She is a self taught ceramic artist and has spent spent the last few years absorbing and learning from the sculptors and ceramicists that inspire her work.

"Technology has created a gateway of communication & learning from overseas online artists and their generosity of spirit to share and encourage my practice has been life changing. I love the feeling of clay in my hands & the meditative flow when you loose time. The end result is important but the journey is far more enjoyable. "

Clay is my preferred medium as it seems to feel like home. I have dabbled in many different artistic endeavours over the years. I studied graphic design & worked in advertising most of my life. I have returned to the beginning where it all began as an artist but this time I am not following the little voice that sent me off into the land where creativity goes to die" ."

Nicci currently works full time as a ceramic artist & art therapist. She can be found in her studio in Albany where she creates one of a kind sculptural pieces & offers hand building pottery workshops.

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