The Radical Realtor

About The Author

Real estate agent, animal lover, muaythai enthusiast, photographer and now author, Nicci Daniele grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Her "BIG" personality and zest for life make her a force to be reckoned with.

Nicci has been involved in marketing, sales and design since 1990 and has to date accumulated 28 years of experience in business and sales. She opened her own real estate business, Prime Realty Albany, in 2014.

What Others Say

"Our experience with Prime Realty Albany was truly a breeze!! We would highly recommend Nicci! What a beautiful soul this lady is! She has a massive passion for her work and so "real" to talk too! She was never ever too busy to talk with us and was incredibly helpful and compassionate. PLUS she sold our house in 3 weeks!!! We previously had it with another real estate before and had a terrible experience and it still didn't sell in the 4months, thank you Nicci!!"

Fallon Osborne